Conquering the Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are filled brimming with god only knows what, and this week we began ripping them out and sorting through the wreckage.  We found treasures and trash!  Here’s some of the highlights so far:

Jay’s Grandmother’s China was found stuffed into a free standing cabinet off of the south end of the kitchen.

China above, who knows what below.

There were a few unmatched oddities in there, but for the most part, that’s all a matching set of china.  It’s got a charm to it, and it’s growing on me.  :)

All it needs is to be loaded up with some beignets!

Everything got a dip in the sink for cleaning, and was reorganized and put into a different cabinet.  We have not yet gotten to the papers and books below, however, as in yet another place, we found tons of antique crystal!  It also needed some love and reorganization…

I don’t know what all of the glasses are for yet…

I am debating on adding extra shelving in here to better use the space, but for now, I am happy that the stemware is safe and clean. The rest of the cabinets and drawers offered up a wild assortment of things.  Many pieces had to be thrown out due to age.  Even more had to be pitched because of Teflon coating.  When all was said and done, we had gotten rid of enough unusable or broken crap to empty six whole drawers and two full cupboards!  Sadly, this also means that there is a decided lack of usable bakeware in the house now.  I guess that means we get to order a pizza for dinner, right?

We also got most of the bedroom closet finished today, having mounted a new shelf and hanging rods for better use of the space.  I still have to finish one of the doors out in the garage, but I expect a tutorial for those will be up before long!


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