An updated kitchen, Sabbath and Doctor Who

The delivery and instillation of the new wall oven and stove top were a complete breeze.  We had to move one of the wall outlets for the oven to seat properly in the wall, but on the whole it was quite simple, and the installers were able to do it for us.

How about some before and after photos?

A very old Jenn Air stove top.  23 years ago, this was awesome.
Now?  Not so much as the parts to fix are no longer made.
The wall oven has been broken for years.
Also- I LOVE the natural light in this kitchen!

The guys from Sears were fun, professional and fast.  The entire project took less than an hour, and that’s including the time to move the wall outlet behind the oven.

Blurry, but what can you expect from a quick “I’m not really taking this” shot with my cell phone?
And after, complete with shiny newness and Doctor Who love.
OMG!  Burners!  That actually work!
And there are four of them!

 Will we miss the grill on the old stove top?  Nope.  Not at all.  The weather here is nice enough that you can grill outside year round, and who on earth would grill on an electric stove top grill when you could smoke a duck outside??  Not these Cupcake Warriors.

Stainless steel to match the fridge!

The oven has all of these crazy features built into the control panel, like a “Sabbath” feature, which Wiki tells me is awesome auto cooking for folks observant in faiths that don’t allow you to do pesky cooking tasks on holy days.  And here I assumed it had something to do with epic metal.

Cause I totally want my wall oven to bust out with some Floyd or Black Sabbath, complete with the accordion.  We love you, Accordion Dude!

For now, we are doing the stinky process of burning off the new oven smell.  This process is toxic to birds, so Jay and Marlowe are kicking it outside at a nearby picnic area while I brave the smell and vent all of the windows.

No, there’s only one T.A.R.D.I.S. lunch box in the house.
I packed the boys snacks when I took the other photos!

The detoxing of the oven will take a while, and we have to be sure that it is completely safe for Marlowe to come back into the house, so I am running it in hour long cycles at 400 degrees, cooling completely between rounds.  And then… then we BAKE!

See you soon for recipes and tasty baked goods!


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