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Productivity crawled to a dead stop this week when I fell ill with a bronchial infection. Sadly, it also developed into a sinus infection as well, and it has put me in bed, sans cupcakes, and spoiled all of the fun. Well, almost all of the fun.
You see, when I’m sick, I just can’t sit still. Nothing irritates me more when sick than being stuck in bed, bored and awake, when there’s a whole plethora of tasks I could and would be taking on if I were not ill. So it came as no surprise to anyone here that I poured myself into my iPad while confined to the bed, and that’s where I found tea. Tasty, delicious tea. Tea, in fact, that you can mix yourself and create your own special blends and brews. Tea, that once blended, will be packaged and sold just for you. You can share it with others, or keep it to yourself, and you don’t make any profit off of your creations (Glory, baby. It’s all about the glory.) but yeah- your tea. Hell, it’s free publicity!
I set out on mixing and blending my own creations. I made two sets- one for knitters (If you know my other adventures, then you know that Tonks is first and foremost, a knitter!) and one for us here! The Castle By the Sea set will continue to grow, and I have no doubts that they will be tasty.
But why? Why blend teas to sell to perfect strangers online? As you may already know, one of the many tasks here is setting up the guest room. It’s not just for our personal guests though- we have hopes of renting the room out to visitors of the island on Air B&B, offering a wide variety of services in the mix. Think of it as high-end hotel service with the personal touches of home. A part of that will include breakfast, and one of the many projects in my queue is to make a coffee and tea bar off of the kitchen. I can now proudly say that we will be offering our own special house tea!
Castle by the Sea is one of three blends created thus far.  It is an Earl Grey blend with creamy vanilla and just a hint of lavender.  Looking for something more befitting of the island?  Singer Island is your answer-

“The tastes of Florida come together in quirky tones, just perfect for this tiny island, just north of Palm Beach. This tropical fruit blend holds hints of a few things growing here- passion fruit  guanabana, mango and a touch if pineapple go down sweet and smooth with just a hint of hibiscus for balance. Hot or cold, just dig your toes in the sand and relax.”

Sounds divine, no?  It’ll be ready and stocked in the coffee and tea bar, along with some of the other blends I’ve created.  Share and Enjoy.
There have also been some new developments in social networking for us.  I have added a few nifty little buttons in the side bar, and we now have a Facebook page, a Pintrest board and numerous other little nuggets of happy over there for you.  Pick your favorite poison and join in on the fun.  
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