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A few days ago, I moaned about the Master Bedroom closet not being as large as we need it to be and a large banquet piece sitting and mocking me with it’s banquetness.  The challenges in the Master Bedroom continue to be sorted out, and several failed attempts at proper shoe storage space have been dreamed up and pitched.  My favorite is still one in which two old drawers were converted with a piano hinge into a makeshift wooden steam trunk- but alas, the drawers were too shallow for that to work as well as I had imagined.  It’s not to say that I won’t try that idea again for something else- but for shoes?  It was out.

Clothing and shoe storage is always an issue, and as a woman with a rather massive shoe collection, I have never had a good space to store the pair not presently on my feet.  The closet is simply too small, and the Ugly Duckling Dresser is still in the works, helping us with some of our clothing problems, but shoes?  Yeah- that was still elusive.  Until I decided that spending five minutes of my life staring with hatred at The Banquet of Mockery was a worthy use of my time.

Two things happened- one was the pithy nickname for the damnable piece.  The other was an idea.  The east facing wall in the room is basically a huge window, and low furniture is really the only option.  The Ugly Duckling Dresser is slated to go at the foot of the bed, and the blue china cabinet converted to a dresser is along the east end of the south wall.  I had designs on converting an old desk into a vanity and putting it on the east wall, but now, things are starting to pull together!

I will take The Banquet of Mockery out into the garage for a paint job, and convert the inner shelving.  It’s a large, long and low mid century piece designed to hold china and flatware, but I do believe it will store many, many pairs of shoes with limited fuss- especially if I also install some of those slider shelves like they have to hold keyboards on some computer desks.  The top of the piece can then hold canvas bins from The Container Store to neatly sort laundry, clearing up much needed floor space from the large rolling cart we have now.  (It’s dead useful, but what an eyesore!)  Plus, as the washer and dryer are on the small side, having proper sorting in smaller bins will make sure we don’t overload the washer.  Now, of the six canvas bins we have, only three would be used to sort laundry, and those three would fill up about half of the length of the banquet- so what do we do with the rest of the surface space?  What if we took and old cake stand and showcased some of the shoes within?


Perhaps this is the place for an apothecary box jewelry chest I’ve got in the garage queue?  What would you put there?

Okee, okee- shoe storage disaster potentially averted, but that did put a cramp into building myself a vanity. Or so I had thought!  The blue painted china cabinet (we’re not quite ready to post photos of that bad boy) was, as I had previously mentioned, originally intended to serve as a dresser before I caved and found a way to work the Ugly Duckling Dresser into the room.  It’s a tall piece, painted a bright and cheerful blue, with drawers on the bottom and chalkboard paint on the glass doors.  The inside of the doors are still untouched, as the piece became superfluous almost as soon as it was painted.  But, if I mount a mirror the the back side of the glass doors (and perhaps one of those clever ribbon boards that hold post cards behind the other?)

Oooh.  Ribbony.

I believe I could turn that china cabinet into the perfect vanity.  Especially if I add a little cushion to a wooden bar stool we have floating around here!  It’s too tall for the breakfast bar off of the kitchen, anyway!  This has the potential to solve another storage issue I’ve been having- my corsets!  I had previously kept them in plastic totes, but having them in a piece redesigned around my personal dressing needs would be much more ideal.  Moreover, it’s also the perfect opportunity to justify making my own apothecary jars- a project I have long avoided due to the number of cats in my homes.  Sure, I could lock them up in the bathroom cabinets, but what fun would that be then??  However- on display on a shelf just for them?  In a converted vanity I made just for me?  Oh hell yes.

I have wanted to make something like these for years.

All in all, I think it all has potential.  It will be a lot of work before we’re done (The Ugly Duckling Dresser is half way done, The Banquet of Mockery has not yet begun and the blue china cabinet will need a bit of thought before it begins it’s final transformation into a vanity- plus I’ll likely redo the wooden bar stool to match it…) but in the end?  This could be truly awesome.  I guess I had better be on the lookout for glass pieces at Goodwill!


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