The master closet, a new year and the house’s feeding schedule

Happy New Year, everyone!  We hope that each and every one of you has a wonderful party to attend, and gets home safely.  Please be safe out there- there are idiots on the road.  Don’t be one of them, or I’ll give your cupcake to someone else.

We don’t have any major plans for ringing in the new year, though I must be honest in telling you that I am considering swinging a sledge hammer instead of dropping some lovely sparkling ball.  The Master Bedroom closet is giving me loads of grief!  I was able to knock out all of the old shelving and fixtures previously, and that’s wonderful.  Today I finally had a minute to get back in there.  I replaced the hanging rod and prepped for new shelving.  I hung up some of the wardrobe drawers from IKEA and fitted a small cubby storage system.  It is starting to pull together, but the more I work on this closet, the more I come to understand that it is never going to work the way I want it to.  I can’t, through trickery or trade, turn a small reach-in closet into something with the storage and hanging space of a small walk-in.  I have not the skills to turn this closet into a T.A.R.D.I.S., insuring it will be bigger on the inside.

Source.  And here’s a fun video!

So here’s how it goes down- even if the only thing I did in that closet was hang rods, there would not be enough room for two adults to put their clothing.  We will, when all is said and done, have a dresser as well, but still!  I loathe the idea of using other closets to hang clothes in.  You know- dresses and coats in the hall, dress shirts in the guest room, bulky sweaters on the top shelf of the linen closet… if we do that, we’ll never find anything.  So what’s a girl to do?  Well, the dresser will house tees, jeans and shorts.  The converted china cabinet will hold vanity pieces (another project, soon on the horizon) and the tiny little bedroom closet will hold things that must be hung.  I will remove the cubby system and save it for another project, and shoe storage will have to be rethought.  I’ll get there, though.  No matter what this house may have to say about it.

Onto the house and it’s feeding schedule!  Yes, I’m convinced it has one.  Apparently my earlier snarks about it being akin to the house from Monster House were perhaps not so far from the truth.  This space- every inch of it- seems to fight tooth and nail against even the smallest changes.  We gut out the kitchen?  over 8 dishes get broken.  We move the studio into a bedroom?  The former space wields it’s vengeance in the form of a 200+ pound banquet runner that we forgot to plan around and can’t move anywhere else until we get some help. It’s just sitting in there.. mocking me with it’s in-the-wayness.  It’s one of those pieces I’m not allowed to get rid of, and there’s no space for it in the garage, so it sits where it is, preventing further advancements in that small space until I’m suddenly smart enough to know where the heck it should end up.  And just what the hell is that thing in the kitchen doing all twisted out like that, anyway??

It’s the condensation line for the fridge, all twisted and yanked up specifically to drip ONTO THE COUNTER TOPS.  No joke.  That’s really how it ended up there.  We had to uncover it like a short bus special surprise.

Yeah, I’m pretty much just bitching at this point, and the only way that anything is going to get done is by buckling down and doing it, but really- I need a break!  Or a helper.  Or a forklift.  Ooooh, please let me have a forklift.  And maybe a power sprayer?  *Bats eyelashes*


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