A New Plan of Attack

Christmas is over, and it is time for us to get back to work.  We are finding, however, that our plans are usually hit head on with huge obstacles and problems at every turn.  We have been coming at this one project at a time, which didn’t really work.  So we switched to trying it one room at a time.  Still a bit of a disaster.  Now, we’re going to try and just gut everything out.  Everything must go, so that each space is as bare as it can become before we put this house back together.  It needs to function, and right now?  It does not work AT ALL.  Tomorrow we will try again, and ruthlessly go through each room taking photos and filling bags and boxes.  Everything not staying will be up on Craigslist before the end of next week, if we can stay on track!!

Wish us luck!

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Pea Kay, otherwise known as Tonks, The Unhinged Knitter, moonlights at night as an infamous Cupcake Warrior. To learn more about what she does, visit the core pages of www.weavingroses.com!

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