Studiogate, Day 1, With Ideas, Stories and Future Project Plans

Jay’s studio was, about 24 hours ago, waiting in the queue to become a lovely guest room.  it housed a desk occasionally used for sewing projects, a mostly empty bookcase and a queen size bed.  There are two closets along one wall in the space, and we had designs on turning it into a sub-tropical retreat to rent out on Air BnB.  Well, that plan is still in the works, but the guest room is now the spare bedroom and we’ve begin working on relocating (and setting up) Jay’s studio.

In the southwest corner of the house, Jay makes
some adjustments to a newly fixed bookcase.

Day one was mostly about moving furniture.  Moving furniture out of the room, posting the bed up on Craigslist (please… come and take it away!  It’s FREE!!) and gutting out the shelving in the previous studio space.  It took most of the day, but we got much more accomplished than anticipated!  Now, the new Studio is starting to take form, complete with newly cataloged and alphabetized books properly stored on the shelves.

Cleaning one of the larger shelving units…

As of now, the room is in flux.  Three large shelving units, a huge glass and bamboo work table, a smaller desk and a special flat file project waiting patiently for the garage queue are showing us what the room will become when we are finished.  We are now waiting on items from storage (shipped from Texas) to arrive, and then the studio space will finish with ease.  Accept, of course, for the two building projects we Cupcake Warriors can’t seem to resist!  What could they possibly be?  Well, I’m just so anxious to begin them, that we’re going to spill the beans!

Jay has, with the house itself, inherited two large antique dressers from his grandmother. There was a long discussion about these two pieces, which resulted in desperate pleas to find a way to salvage the frames and the drawers separately.  There will be a whole back story about these two gorgeous pieces when they make it into the front of the queue- don’t worry- but for now?  Just know that they have some big history in this family and in this home.

After much thought, searching and bouncing of brain waves, I decided to turn the lower, wider of the two dressers into a flat file for Jay’s papers and art.  It will involve gutting out the interior of the dresser and building separate file slots that, when assembled, will fit neatly into the empty drawer slots.  I hope I can pull this one off!

The second project is the larger of the two closets in the space.  The smaller closet is of a good storage size, but the larger is just amazing.  It is deep set, opening up with “french doors” and offers another foot of space to either side of the doors.  The inside is built from the same gorgeous, rose-toned cypress wood, and it absolutely must, must, must be a reading nook!

I’m a bit obsessed with the idea 
of turning a closet into a reading nook.
Here’s the (loose and conceptual) plan:
Oooh!  Potential-y!
Just your normal closet, but that wood
is going to make it something special!

First things first, I’ll gut out the closet.  Then I’ll add custom shelving into the recessed spaces pictured above.  (Normal shelving?  Custom cubby storage?  I don’t know yet!  What do you think?)  Then, while using as many of the smaller drawers being salvaged from his Grandmother’s furniture mentioned earlier in this post, a bench seat with built-in drawers will create the perfect setting to curl up and read.  Add tons of fluffy pillows and a small yet funky hanging light from the top?  Fin.  Perfecto.  The perfect place for a visitor to cuddle in and keep our working artist happy and socialized.

Colors for the studio have never been discussed, but it will have to make it into conversation soon so that the paints and fabrics for this space (rugs, custom fabric boxes, etc) can start to take shape.  Plus, with the studio now being tucked away into an actual room with an actual door, I now have an actual space to actually sew.  Actually Awesome!!


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