Master bedroom ala Marlowe

Marlowe, as depicted in the intros under the “Why We’re Here” page, is our Quaker Parrot. He is sweet, noisy and totally hilarious. He is also the inspiration for the colors going into the Master Bedroom.
Marlowe, our Quaker Parrot.  He’s cuddly.

 Isn’t he adorable? Well, he also happens to look quite striking against the knotty pine on that side of the house. I took this photo of him and ported it into Behr’s Color Smart App on the trusty iPad.  Here’s what we got off of the bird.

Not bad, eh?  We’re bringing a bit of each of these into the space.  The greens are showcased in the bedside tables (remember the charging station made from an old jewelry armoire?) and the blues are being brought in with other pieces still in progress, such as the interior of the closet doors:

Behr’s “Harbor”

But more on those doors later.  They’re a project all on their own!  For now, let’s just stick to the colors.  That just leaves the grays, brought in via texture and bedding rather than with paint.  The entire bed is done in shades of gray- not to be confused with other “Shades of Gray” involving bedrooms.  :p  I stuffed some over-sized pillows into removable (and washable) monster fur cases to make a bit of a headboard…

Ooh, cuddly!

 And piled the bed full of muted shades, fluffy blankets and a soft fur throw.  Naturally, everyone came flocking in for cuddles…

The cats approve, including Jay.  He’s the best cat of all.

It’s difficult to keep getting things done in this space because the bed is like a vortex that sucks you in.  There is no escape… it will pull you down and force you to sleep long, restful hours in fluffy, cat-purred bliss.  Thankfully, the guest mattress is also quite fluffy, or everyone would sleep here.

Marlowe’s beautiful colors are coming together well in the space, and I know that we’ve made the right choices for the master bedroom.  Now just to find a way to turn the closet into a TARDIS so that it’s bigger on the inside… then maybe I’ll be able to find enough space for shoe storage.  :)


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