DIY Charging station, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?
We have begun our journey of furniture redo’s in the master bedroom.  The space, much like every other room in the house, needs a lot of TLC.  We began with one of two charging stations/night stands.  We are a tech-savvy pair, so night stands needed to double as effective charging stations with loads of storage.  What could fit that bill better than an old jewelry armoire?  
Jewelry Chest is bigger on the inside.
And it does party tricks.
I still can’t believe we found this beast for only 30 dollars.  It was missing some hardware, but the wood was in sound condition.  It really is massive- that’s a gallon of paint down by the right foot.
After sanding off the finish, I drilled a 1 inch hole in the back of the base.  I also drilled holes in the backs of all three bottom drawers to allow for power cords.  
Then I began the simple yet time consuming task of a fresh paint job…
Upside down face!
and added mismatched hardware, while also painting the bronze drawer pulls a muted silver…
New hardware…
And that’s all she wrote!  Just two different colors of paint, my trusty Hitachi Power Drill and some mismatched drawer pulls turns this piece into so much more than jewelry storage.  Though truth be told?  the whole top half does exactly that.  
A place for all the tech to charge in peace.
Looking classy against that knotty pine!
See you again soon for the next bedroom project!
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