Oh, Here I Am!

The madness ensues!  I have been a very, very bad internet person.  My knitting, blogging, facebooking and other social-mediaing has verily sucked large amounts over the past year.

Yes, my Faithful Few, I am still here.  I intend to get this madness under control.  What has been going on?  Moves, my dear friends… three of them!!  First, from the DC area down to South Florida.  Then from there out to San Antonio, Texas, and now back to South Florida, with several jaunts up into DC whenever possible.  Not to mention the amount of traveling elsewhere, like Wisconsin, up and down the eastern seaboard and New Mexico.

Side note- if you have never been to New Mexico, I highly recommend it.  It was glorious and so very beautiful.

But for now, my dears, I wish to apologize.  Many new ventures are on the horizon, and I hope to make my online presence more… well… presentable.

Happy Knitting,

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Pea Kay, otherwise known as Tonks, The Unhinged Knitter, moonlights at night as an infamous Cupcake Warrior. To learn more about what she does, visit the core pages of www.weavingroses.com!

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