Lennie and George

When I bought my Honda Fit in September of last year, the first customized item I put into him was a little suction cup compass. Unfortunately, the compass was exposed to magnets and from day one (unnoticed by us until after the purchase) it has given a heading of south by south-east no matter what direction we might have been going. Jay went to throw it out and get another compass, but I had grown fond of the broken compass, and had secretly named it Lennie, after the character from “Of Mice and Men”. I loved our broken Lennie from the start, so when a long road trip into unfamiliar clime demanded a GPS unit, George joined Lennie’s side. They’re inseparable now. :)

George tells us it’s 100 miles to our next port of call, while Lennie insists we are heading south-east. Which, in this case, we actually were. Good job, Lennie!

Pea Kay

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