Day 2, in which the kittens threaten mutiny

We had breakfast and a bit of French Quarter wandering thanks to a late checkout, and everyone appreciated the slow pace of the morning. Marlowe and Jay entertained the locals with their pirate-esque impressions, and the bird made new friends on Decatur Street.

Jay and Marlowe make their best pirate faces.

Cafe du Monde and Marlowe, the perfect match.

We loaded up the car around noon and pushed out, leaving Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in our wake. Once we were in the panhandle of Florida, we were pulled over for speeding. I did not argue with the officer until he said he clocked me at 87 mph. 87!!!! He was flat out of his mind if he believed I would drive that fast ever, let alone with the pets in the car. He wrote me a ticket for the lowest illegal speed he clocked me at- 77 mph, which I believe. The posted speed was 70 and I had the cruise control set to 75. What can you do, eh?

We bunked down in Tallahassee for the night, and how far we make it today will depend on how long it takes before the cats begin to fuss up. It happens a bit sooner every day, and sometimes all you can do for it is get everyone out of the pool for the rest of the day.

Jay tries to capture the Florida sunset behind us.
We are now officially on the east coast time zone ( hurray!!!) but it is still a long drive. Next stop? Who knows?? But I do know that the next post will be all about Trinity Katt and her daily morning shenanigans. You guys remember Trinity, right?


Riiiight. She is trouble. It’s a part of her charm.

Until next,
Pea Kay

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