Trinity’s Antics

It takes some effort to get everyone back into the car each morning, and even with a late hotel Check out option, we have to get started very early. Trinity sleeps in the bed with us every night, but she sneaks away just before we wake and hides out. She will not come out of her hidey hole for treats, wet food, kisses- nada. It is a process to find her each morning, and always involves rearranging the hotel room. Where could Trinity be?

She’s not in the closet…

Or behind the mini fridge, dresser and television…

McLovin says she is not behind the curtains or on the window ledge…

And Cuthbert says he’s checked under the edges of the bed. No dice.

She is not in the bathtub, under the sink or in the drawers of the night stands, and there is not access to get under the bed in a hotel room. They are blocked off. So where could she be?


Strip the bed of bedding and pillows…


Remove the mattress…

Hold up the box springs…


Oh, there she is!!

Well, they only block off three sides under the bed. It would be easier if they didn’t block any all!

Marlowe finds this daily start to be hilarious. He just preens his feathers and laughs at us as we tear apart the room.

Trinity is not always under the bed. We have learned this lesson well… We took apart an entire king bed only to find her under the recliner. We have even found her inside the box springs before!

Sneaky kitten.

Pea Kay

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