The first full day

Today marked our first all day travel of this trip! Everyone did very well for the morning.

(Jay holds Marlowe as the kittens settle in.)

Around lunch, Cuthbert started getting very fussy. We pulled over to make sure all was well, and he just wanted to be up front with us, so we took it as a sign to stop for lunch. Incidentally, did you know that Burger King has veggie burgers now? Excellent!!

Ok, so the kittens were unimpressed by the veggie burger goodness, but they did appreciate the down time and cuddles before racking back out.

Sadly, Jay was not feeling up to driving much today. When his shift came due at the Louisiana border, it was like someone had spiked his lemonade, and he just could not keep his eyes open! I drove us on to Baton Rouge before deciding to push on a bit farther. I have to wonder how often Baton Rouge is overlooked for travel, when New Orleans is just a bit further down the line. Even though we said no, no, no. We are not going to stop in New Orleans. We will get sucked in and stay an extra day if we do! Well… Marlowe had other plans.

Marlowe says it’s New Orleans or bust!
It is the end of the day for us, and we are soaking up the beautiful French Quarter of New Orleans. Jay and Marlowe share some celebratory kisses, and all of the cats are sprawled about the room. The Big Easy is their kind of town!

We head back out again tomorrow morning, and I hope to have a load of local photos to show. The humans are leaving the clan to soak up some much deserved down time while we hit up Cafe du Monde.

Until next,

Pea Kay

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