kitchener toes

i’ve been working on a pair of socks for a gift, and while i’m happy with the progress so far, i always seem to start to stagnate in the second sock. i also seem to avoid kitchenering the toes together until the very end, finishing both socks at once. i have no idea why this should be so, but doing the kitchener stitch seems to be something i avoid until i have no other choice. i don’t have an active dislike of the darning task, so i’m truly baffled for an explanation as to why i would avoid doing it until i have no way around it.
i often wonder how many other knitters have bizarre little traditions and habits regarding the finishing of their projects. i know several knitters that simply can’t start the second sock without fully completing the first one. i know others still that can’t finish the first sock at all… even to make it past the heel turn, before starting the second one on a separate set of needles and a new ball of yarn. of course, many further still (myself formerly among them) could never even get around to beginning the second sock.
as i have two weeks to finish the second sock, i feel confident that i’ll be done in plenty of time, but i my mind wanders when i knit socks. they aren’t my favorite thing to knit, but i find myself returning to them again and again…

happy (sock) knitting!


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