Orlando morning

After arriving to West Palm safely with McLovin and Trinity, the merging of households began with crazy hatred. Porthos decided that Trinity was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and spent the next week serenading her all over the house. She, being of a rather unpleasant temperament to begin with, found this about as attractive and desirable as genital warts.

After a time, however, all four cats began to get along. Just in time, too, as we’re now on the road to Texas! It’s trial by fire in the back of our crazy modified car.

Today we will push from Orlando, seeing just how far we can get before Porthos, the troublemaker of the group, starts to find new and inventive ways to get us all killed. Last night’s stopping point came when he decided that eating my hair through the space in the head rest was the best way to spend his evening.

Trinity is proving herself (with no surprise from me) to be the wiliest of the group. Knowing full and well that by morning we will press on, she makes sure she is well hidden before dawn, forcing us to tear up the beds. You see, most hotels have guards along the sides of the base of the beds to prevent personal items from getting lost and forgotten. However, there seems to universally be this tiny stretch of unprotected space at the far top of the platform, making it so that only the removal of the mattress and box spring together will allow access to said clever kitty. We just have to remember that it’s all a part of her charm…

Speaking of which, it is time to begin the process of Trinity extraction. God Speed.

Pea Kay

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Pea Kay, otherwise known as Tonks, The Unhinged Knitter, moonlights at night as an infamous Cupcake Warrior. To learn more about what she does, visit the core pages of www.weavingroses.com!

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