The Blackberry, my 2011 Honda Fit and it’s conversion into a giant cat carrier.

So how exactly does one move four cats in one car? Well, if our theory is correct, the first thing you do is ship everything you’re taking accept one single suitcase of travel needs. Then you get a bit crazy. Here’s what we did:

Supply List

  • a box of 50 puppy pads
  • a roll of Gorilla Tape
  • a large blue tarp
  • a set of bungee cords
  • a huge litter box (huge cement mixing tray from Lowes)
  • an adjustable shower rod
  • pillows
  • cat carriers
  • tupperware dishes
  • Ziplock Big Bags

First, we folded the back seats down and lined the entire back area with puppy pads, making sure to include protection in the corners.

be sure that you can still open at least one back door!!

lay your tarp… (hi, Jay!)

and flatten it down as best you can…

bungeeing when needed.

Aaaaand that’s part one! check back soon for part two- the finishing touches.

Pea Kay

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