Introducing the cats

There are four cats in total.  Two of them, McLovin and Trinity, are in Washington D.C.  The other two, Cuthbert and Porthos, are waiting for us in West Palm Beach, FL.  Let’s meet the clan, shall we?

This is Trinity.  She is the eldest of the four, and the only female.  All we know for sure is that she is over the age of ten years old.  Trinity came to us a few years back when a friend moved from the D.C. area to (ironically enough) Texas, and couldn’t her along.  She is a creepy little wisp of a tuxedo cat, and has the most disturbing glare I have ever seen on a cat in my entire life.  No dice.  She’s pure evil.  It’s a part of her charm.  😉

Meet McLovin! He is four years old, and the largest cat I have ever owned. He’s also one of the largest cats I have ever seen. McLovin came to us as a rescue when he was only four months old. Problem was, we thought he was an adult cat when we met him, as he was already larger than Trinity. Now, Trinity isn’t really tiny. She’s of a normal to small size, but by no means a bitty bitty kitty. It’s just that McLovin is such a beast! He’s also the most gentle cat I know. He is kind, cuddly and very, very sweet. He purrs almost constantly! Here’s the dynamic duo cuddled up together.

Aren’t they sweet? :) Now, down in Florida, another story is taking place. Let’s meet Cuthbert and Porthos!

The story of these two little brotherly scamps starts in rural Wisconsin. We were on a trip to visit family, and ended up on a farm. The owner had pointed out a new litter of kittens, not hardly four weeks old. “Please take them!” she said. “They’ll get run over by the tractor!” now… I’m a reasonable gal. (To be read as “I’m a sucker for a kitten.”) I thought that it would be easy to find two baby kittens a home before we had to leave Wisconsin. And we almost did, too. But in the end, we ported two tiny kittens onto the plane to Florida with us. And then, my friends, there were four. Porthos the Popkin Piehole Plugger is the little tabby. He’s adventurous, a bit independent and seems to lack any fear whatsoever. Cuthbert d’Artagnan Fusspipes the Third is the little black beauty. He is the noisiest, fussiest kitten ever! He even fusses in his sleep! He’s also, however, one heck of a cuddler. Check it:

Yeah, he’s a dear. :)

So there we have it- a cuddly pile of kittens. Wish us luck!

Pea Kay

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