Four Crazy Cats, a brief overview

Greetings and well wishes!

It’s Thanksgiving day here in the states, and we’ve for some idiotic reason chosen tonight to launch a trek across the country via the car. This space will chronicle the trip as best I can, with real time facebook/twitter updates, photos and perhaps a few youtube videos to boot. What are we doing, you may ask?

What’s up- Jay and I are going to San Antonio for a new position until the spring, and we’re merging two houses from the east coast as we do it. Starting tonight, my two cats will be moved down to Florida, where two more cats await. Then, all four cats get put into a state-of-the-art carrying setup designed by both Jay and I and will be moved to Texas. If all goes well, the bloodshed will be kept to a minimum. Of course, we have every intention of making this trip as stress free as possible for our little furballs, but the fact remains that anyone traveling across the country with one cat- let alone four- is in for surprises. Wish us luck!

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