an update from the sunshine state

after many long weeks, we’re in west palm beach, florida. it’s likely i’ll be setting up shop here for some time, so we’ve gone out to my wireless carrier and purchased a hotspot portable wifi device for the house (no cable here… not for some time.) and have jacked in. hellooooo, internets!! it’s nice to be back on the laptop, i’ve gotta say.i’d promised pictures of the shawl. it is complete and blocked, and photos will come, but it’s currently waiting for action shots. if all goes well, they’ll be great ones- on a sailboat on the ocean. gimmie like a week or so, okee? <3

it’s been busy, busy! both jay and i are working tirelessly on getting life set up. 12 (the patient and tolerant) is back in va, holding down the dc homestead. i’ll be traveling frequently to and fro as this house is turned over and set up for us. in the meantime, the hotspot wifi is a godsend, and it’s a lovely place to be. though i plan on being in va/dc for the holidays. :)

more to come,

the unhinged knitter
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