a myriad of changes

wow, it’s been a long, long spring!so much is changing here, but the knitting, as ever, stays constant. my personal life has undergone major revisions. i’m moving, changing lifestyles and moving forward with my dreams. the future looks bright and full of travel, love and fine yarns. what more could a girl ask for?

the past months have been filled with joy and sorrow. i have traveled all over the east coast, assisting a dear artist friend in new york city, philly and west palm beach, florida. we drove up and down the country twice, stopping back home in DC whenever possible. it was amazing to be on the road again, and i truly found my wings once again. i can’t wait, as we’re going again in august, and i’ll be on the road doing what i’ve fallen in love with until mid october. it’s amazing, to say the very least.

the knits do flow. in fact, i’m presently amid a lace weight shawl to compliment a teal dress i’m making. pics will happen, of course, but i just wanted to rave a bit about sea silk yarn.

oh. my. god. sea silk. it’s a combination of sea cell (elements of seaweed) and silk. the blend i have is a buttery, natural/undyed beauty, totaling out at about 700 yards of wonderful. i LOVE it. it’s amazing, and i can’t wait to get my hands on more of it!

for now, i know it’s a short update, but i just had to take a moment to gush over awesome yarn. like i said- everything is changing here, and fast. i will get back to some semblance of a regular schedule soon- so i hope!

happy knitting!

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