kindle knitting?

recently, and after much initial hesitation, i jumped on the band wagon and bought a kindle. i must admit i didn’t much care for the idea originally, as most of the books i read are on audio as to free up my hands for knitting time. this habit of reading made enjoying a paper book a rare treat, complete with the glorious textures of the paper and the smell of the binding. a kindle, said i? what use would i ever have for one? i would lose my favorite part of reading an actual book!

it didn’t take long into actually researching e-readers before i realized just how much easier my life would be with one, and i must admit it had nothing at all to do with reading books.

patterns, my friends. knitting patterns. all in one portable, easy to read place. all neatly complied and categorized as i see fit, complete with the ability to add notes and adjustments as i go along, and even thereby allowing the sharing of said notes on facebook or twitter. patterns galore- and those digital files i had roaming around my hard drive that were not already pdfs were soon brought over to the dark side and installed on the device.

so i took the plunge. it’s been just over a week since i purchased the kindle, and i’m hooked in deep. it’s already become such a part of my daily life for both the novels and the patterns, and i often find myself holding it and wondering how in the hell i got through life without it. it’s brilliant.

no, i must confess, it did not take long at all. in fact, i’ve even downloaded fictional books as well- even though i swore up and down that i would really only use my kindle for knitting. yeah… i’m cheating on my books. thankfully they, much like my yarn, will not resent me for this gross negligence. but i do wonder if they will get lonely…
do you own a kindle, or other e-reader? do you use it for knitting patterns? why or why not? if you don’t own one, do you plan to in the near future? it’s a marvelous time we live in, with the height of technology at our fingertips when and if we ask of it. it really makes one wonder what they will come up with next, and- more importantly- how we will adapt it to suit our knitterly whims.
happy knitting!


p.s. oh… n’ also? my haiku book is now available as a digital download (pdf) and it reads BEAUTIFULLY with all of the original images intact. check the sidebar for a link, and enjoy it at a low price!

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  1. Oh I hear ya! I recently bought a kindle and absolutely love it. I love knitting while I read :)

  2. I looked into them after reading this post, and my surprise early birthday present is on its way to me now!

  3. @ elane i don't know how i ever lived without mine!

    @ jen ha! that's fantastic. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

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