the good, the bad and the sparkly awesomeness.

good news, everyone! well, bad news, too. but then i promise i have more good news! here’s what’s up:i received a reply from my publicist about the latest book pitch, and we have a winner! it goes before the acquisitions board on monday morning, and if they like what they see, we move forward and start bringing in other designers. i’ll be sure to update just as soon as i can talk about it in more depth, as if we move forward, i’ll be taking submissions from others instead of just making them myself. that’ll be a nice change of pace. :) to answer the first question most hopefuls may have about their submissions- yes, you will be paid for your work. how much, as of now (as we’re still in the preliminary stages) is as of yet unknown, but yes. designers will be compensated. i can’t wait!

bad news bear- i messed up the ball of my foot and had to get a soft cast. no fun. it’s just a little fracture, but it hurts like holy hell if i accidentally put any pressure on it. this really wouldn’t be much of a bother… just an inconvenience, had the snow storm not hit as we were trying to get to the doctor. by the time we were done, getting home was very dangerous and the car was not able to get up the hill to our house. we had to park in a lot at the base of the hill and walk. ever walked through a blizzard uphill on a broken foot? i don’t advise it. i hope i never have to do something like that again. but, other than that… yeah. no worries. i’ll heal. always do. :)

more good news! i’ll be showcased (more specifically, many of my chokers will be showcased) at the upcoming project TRONIK fashion show in march. there will be loads of lovely ladies from the dc goth and fetish modeling scene sporting my beaded creations. i can’t wait to be a part of this, and i hope you all can come out and enjoy the show. it promises to be one hell of a party. :) plus there’s sparkly things there. everybody likes sparkly things…

happy knitting!

the unhinged knitter

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