long overdue, and an explanation of why

happy new year, everyone! i know i’m behind on my blogging, but i have a very good reason. they don’t call me the unhinged knitter for nothing, and when things go wrong, they really go wrong! shortly before the new year (and not soon enough after the crazy hustle of the christmas rush) our dishwasher threatened to burn down our house due to a faulty heating coil.  we were less than pleased, to say the very least.  dishwasher’s don’t grow on truffela trees after all, and the holidays are NOT THE TIME you want one of your major household appliances to punk out.then, my dear laptop, a faithful companion of five years, went to the tech graveyard in the sky. however, as faithful and wonderful a friend a laptop is, we must always be prepared for even the dearest of them to go completely psycho ex girlfriend on us. it pays to back up your shit.

that being said, the last two days of my life have been spent teaching my new laptop all of the wonderful things about my life. we’ve shared pictures with one another, told each other stories of our favorite knitting patterns and learned many things about each other through the marvelous tool that is a custom dictionary. 😛

in short, i’m back and back at it. as i scrounge around the new tech, i’d learned about a very interesting drive feature. it’s called lightscribe, and what it does is pretty damn cool! basically, once you’ve burned a cd or dvd, you can flip over the disc in the drive and have it burn images and/or text into the top of a lightscribe enabled disc. of course, i spent a fair bit of my evening playing around on photoshop for someday hopeful burns… but those things will simply have to wait. in the meantime, i’m moving forward with fraggle things, and am currently awaiting a response from my publisher about some very cool information. alas, i do wish i could share with you some of the photos of the fraggle knits, but they are off limits! instead, i shall (hopefully) appease you with an image of one of the lightcribe disc templates available online. i think it’s awesome!

happy new year, one and all, and happy knitting!

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