festive mistletoe- a holiday gift for you!

the holiday is almost upon us, and if you’re a knitter, you’re likely working your fingers to the bone in an effort to not be that person at the 7-11 at 3 am on christmas eve, looking for gifts as you didn’t have time to complete your christmas knits.  believe me, my friends- i’ve been that girl.  it’s not fun.

so, to help you with your holiday crafts, i’m giving you a free mistletoe pattern!  this guy really is a quick knit.  it’s not like other patterns, such as socks, which claim to be a quick knit.  this little bugger can be finished in about an hour or less.  it’s very fast, really cute and a perfect compliment to a variety of your christmas needs.  work some up for gift ornaments, stocking stuffers, for you own holiday party to guarantee kisses or as a gift all on it’s own.  the pattern has clear instructions and variation options (for making a larger, fuller mistletoe, should you desire it) and comes all bundled up as a festive pdf file.

ravelry users can download the pattern here!  for now, it’s only available as a pdf download from ravelry, but if you don’t use ravelry and want it anyway, just email me at tonks@unhingedknitter.com and ask me for one.  i’ll get it off you to post haste.

i hope all of your holiday knits are coming along well!  for now, i’m off to get back to work!

happy knitting!

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