a change of pace and fraggle updates

hello, my lovely knitter fiends! i’ll keep this one quick.

the fraggle book is, as we know, in the works and waiting for a release date on the movie. as the movie is having some sketchy conflicts, i still need to up the tonks name to a more epic standing. as such, i’m going to be multitasking my talents a smidge. the henson project is an epic one, and a few more rungs on that ladder couldn’t hurt! as such, i’ve submit a few things to publishers to help build up my knitterly name.

first, a new article about using knitting for addiction has been sent off to the interested parties at vogue knitting. the response to the mental health article was overwhelmingly positive, and i’m very grateful to all of you for reading and enjoying it. knit simple magazine is a branch of the vogue knitting company, and i’m looking forward to a reply from vogue to see if they wish to delegate the article out to a branch of the company again. let’s keep our fingers crossed!

secondly, i’ve put together a smaller book pitch for f+w media (northlight). never fear my fraggle lovers- i am NOT abandoning the fraggle book. i am, in fact, still working on it regularly. however, the amount of clout i need to ensure the success of the publication is still lacking in my professional life, and a smaller, less risky publication for the company is a wise move. i hope to hear back from them soon, and i do hope that this less demanding book idea goes over well. i know that it’s something i could complete quickly, and still be able to give my fraggle yarn some love.

things are moving fast here in my little corner of the universe, and my knitting needles are flying around like shiny ninja darts. i advise caution when navigating through my living room. :)

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. ours was a delight, and the blackened turkey we cooked was amazing. so with a belly full of turkey leftovers, i must bid you adeau as i push forward with the latest projects!

happy knitting!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tonks:

    I had no idea that you were a Henson fantasy fan!Now that I know that you are I wonder whether you could use newly rediscovered stitches that are so ancient that they are brand new…an accident revealed that it is possible to position your knitting needles as if you are knitting…but to bring your YARN around as if you are purling at the same time.

    I call this ancient newbie “The Half Knit.”

    It is equally possible to position your needles as if you are purling…while you bring your yarn around as if you are knitting.

    I have (re)named this stitch “The Half Purl.”

    Since these stitches require the knitter to “reach around” more than the “plain” knit and “plain” purl I can see how they could have been “lost” during the Little Ice Age… because people were freezing to death…there was no central heating…They HAD to have warm clothing NOW!!!-and all clothes had to be handmade.

    I think it is no coincidence that the two “quickest” stitches were what survived.

    But the Little Ice Age is centuries past.
    You will not freeze to death if you take the extra time the “Half Knit” and “Half Purl” need now…and these “lost” stitches produce a most fascinating array of textures when they are reconstituted by themselves,alternated with plain knit,alternated with plain purl,(which produces alternative stockinettes)or alternated with each other…which has NEVER been done:
    Kelli and I did not have the patience to keep knitting-we both found “quicker” things to do.

    We never saw their full potential.

    I hope that you do:
    There will be no question of any “copyright:”
    I do not believe that Kelli and I really “discovered” them for the first time:
    I believe that we REdiscovered them…
    and we hereby send them back to the public domain that I believe that they were frozen out of during the Little Ice Age in centuries past.

    They look futuristic now.

    Like Henson Productions.

    Fantastically yours,


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