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everyone has that moment where they are, for the first time, on their own for christmas. eventually, children leave their parents for a dorm room or an apartment, and as the holiday season approaches, most start to realize they have little to no holiday decor. the yearly traditions of their families are, of course, with their families. sure, one can go to family for the holidays, but sometimes you’re just left looking around your own home, wondering where the christmas warmth is.i know that my first christmas on my own was a rough one. i had no money to speak of, and had to pull some creative thinking out of the box to decorate my home. i ended up with a christmas cactus, decked out with tiny lights and miniature presents. for what it was, it was a great first christmas for me.
but, not everyone can afford even the 50 or so dollars that took to pull together. sometimes, you’re really strapped for any extra spending money, or you are in such a position as to use only what you have already. i’ve got you covered, my friends.

here is a collection of christmas trees to knit or crochet. all of the trees are adorable, and do not take up too much yarn. for many, all you really need is one ball of green yarn. most of these will work with something like red heart’s acrylic super saver- making this tree, should you have to purchase yarn, less than three dollars. hell, it costs more to do laundry these days. let’s get started! all of you “first christmas” knitters are sure to find something you like, and seasoned christmasers can pick up a few new decor items to place around the house. i know that some of these are going on my fireplace mantle this year!

the christmas trees and presents pattern by paola navarro, is a great crochet piece with plush branches and a sturdy base. isn’t it just adorable? you can hang all kinds of mini knit ornaments from it! i do love a pattern that lets you keep decorating after it’s done. :) (no worries- i’ll be sure to give you some mini patterns, too!!)

here’s a fun fur tree from sara norine james. all you need is the yarn, needles and a cone to stick it on. i love the use of eyelash yarn for this! as a knitter who thinks that it’s difficult to find a use for eyelash yarn when you want something to look elegant, this is a perfect example. these trees would look lovely in a kitch christmas setting, and easily shift with little but color choice into a classy christmas. perfect!

nothing says geeky love like a diorama! this pattern is a bit more involved, but well worth the effort. i mean, really. just look at it. i want them all over my house!

mmm… bobbley love from akua lezli hope makes me love bobbles again. plus it has a cute star. hurray for stars!

oh christmas trees, by daniel yuhas, are my favorite of the group! i’m currently working on the twistey tree (named seuss-ey! could you squee? i know i did.) for my own fireplace mantle. it’s a very clever use of shaping, while still being a very, very simple knit. you can’t beat it! i love this pattern.

wow, this is turning out to be a very pattern heavy post! let’s get on to some of those glorious little knits, shall we?


this double knit stocking from jennifer tallapaneni is not much larger than a single dime. it’s one of the smallest christmas knits on all of ravelry.

these scandinavian themed mini mitts from randi k. design are a personal favorite of mine. if you want, you could easily create your own chart and decorate your trees with mittens, mittens everywhere!

carol bristol has created a set of mini patterns that have me captivated. purses. no, really. miniature purses. ’nuff said. :)

you can find all of these and so many more quick holiday decor knits right on ravelry. there’s mistletoe, classic christmas balls and even colored string lights!! let’s get ready for the holidays!

happy knitting!

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