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the everyday civilian has no true concept of just what the american veteran’s do to keep us free. most americans support our troops, but many of us forget just how much support they deserve. i’m not trying to go on a guilt trip about it or anything, but there is something, my knitterly darlings, that we can do.

today i’d like to focus on things you can knit for soldiers overseas. i have tried to make sure that the sources here are as direct as possible, such as from the marine corps museum, the ww2 museum or historical sites. i hope you enjoy these patterns, and be sure to knit some up for our veterans.

the usmc museum has a version of the knit helmet liner, along with free print outs of the pattern and yarn requirements right on the welcome desk. i love this pattern. it’s probably my favorite of the ones i’m featuring here today. it’s a simple knit, without being a basic knit, and i find that unlike socks and scarves, it’s easy to actually finish. socks often fall prey to the second foot never being cast on, and scarves… they can get old fast- even for the seasoned knitter. (in my case, that should read as “especially for the seasoned knitter.”) you can find the pattern on ravelry here.

the socks for soldiers pattern is a great way to show a soldier you love him. i know i just implied that knitting socks for soldiers is a “bad” idea, but the truth is that any soldier from any branch can never have enough socks. and of course, hand knit socks are always better than commercial socks.

knit your bit, easily found on ravelry, has a string of scarves for military support. pretty, isn’t it? this is only one of them. i highly recommend checking all of them out.

the national world war 2 museum has a vast array of resources available, including a knit your bit blog! find all the history of knitting through the second world war you could ever wish to learn, and grab your needles while you’re at it.

please take a moment and reflect on how these men and women give so much- even their lives- to keep us free. thank a soldier today. then, thank one tomorrow, too. and everyday thereafter. today is veteran’s day, but it’s not a holiday that we should only think about once a year. a veteran is not a veteran only one day of the year. i think maybe that’s something we can all take to heart.

knit your bit!

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