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regardless of your feelings on last night’s election or your own personal political leanings, i could not pass up an opportunity to take the tea party buzz to a knitterly place. whether you support the tea party or find them a bit on the scary side, i’ve put together a collection of knits from books and online patterns that everyone can appreciate. now, my politically fueled friends, you can celebrate your tea party wins (or mourn over hand knit scones) in style. plus it’s always nice to support knitting designers who create such adorable pieces of art.

this set, created by susan b. anderson, comes from the book “itty bitty nursery” and can be found on amazon. i have to try and get my hands on this one, as this set actually makes me want to find a little girl to have a tea party with. i swear that was supposed to sound far less creepy.

this set, created by sky magenta, can be purchased through ravelry for six dollars. i absolutely love this one. the shaping in the crochet, combined with the beyond adorable strawberry theme is an absolute win. brava, miss magenta!

hey, debi birkin? you’re killing me with this. i’m dying. truly dying. i need this in every color. guess i’d better start buying up a full gross of tea pots. i mean, really. who doesn’t want this? it’s too cute for words. i am, sadly, agog. <3 what i can say, however, is that you can purchase it from ravelry for four dollars. and you’d better believe i’ll be buying one shortly.
also from debi birkin (oh, i think i’ve found a new designer to watch!) comes this royal sweetie. what gal, of any age, wouldn’t want to turn afternoon tea into a royal event? i know i’m high on the list of “omg want!!” well crafted, precious, and very unique. debi, you minx you.
this small collection of hand knit coasters, set off by a traditional cozy (with sheep) is really quite beautiful. i love the simplicity of it. created by jeff lovell, this can also be purchased directly from ravelry for six dollars.
and what would a tea party be without some sweets? these precious tea time cupcakes, made by lynne’s pattern parlour, can also be purchased right from ravelry. don’t you just love that feature? i know i do. (she calls them fairy cakes. as if they weren’t cute enough.)
well, my dears, that’s all for now. i hope you enjoy the influx of adorable tea time patterns, from a variety of sources. i know that this season’s political race was a very stressful time for so many here in america, and i hope that we can all remember that no matter how happy or angry we may be about the current results, we must not let it affect our knitting! 😛
happy knitting!
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