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i’m thrilled to announce our first actual product endorsement! the lovely woman who created this handy over-the-door storage bag contacted me through my etsy shop, and offered to send me a sample of her product (patent pending). if i liked it, i was to write a review in my blog. well… here it is!i don’t just like her product. i LOVE it. it’s so important to me to have proper organization in my crafting space, and i can’t stand it when the needles i want are not at hand. as an avid knitter, finding a single pair of size 8’s in a jar filled brimming with needles can be a daunting task. this simple storage solution has a wide variety of pocket sizes, specifically customed to straight, double pointed and circular knitting needles. there’s also extra mini bags that can be hung off of the bottom of the unit from the handy grommet rings provided.


the entire piece is made from a sturdy clear vinyl, and edged with heavy black nylon. it’s secure, strong and an amazing space saver. check out her beautiful photos on the site, where you can order this storage piece directly!

as i am in the midst of a move, i have not yet unpacked all of my own knitting supplies. when i do, i will post photos of what i’ve done with her product, but trust me- the photos she’s provided are far superior to anything i could show you. it’s totally worth a look. :)

i’m looking forward to getting mine filled up with all of my supplies! how long do you think it would take you to fill up all of that storage?

happy knitting!
tonks, the unhinged knitter

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  1. Love it! Need it! I can pee and wash dishes because my apartment is so small. This will be a great help. Now….only how to afford one!

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