the perfect notebook, inspired by the voodoo cafe.

the response to our previous post about the fraggle rock knitting book has been absolutely amazing. i can’t begin to thank you all enough for helping me get the word out! if you have not done so already, or this is your first time to my corner of the interwebs, i invite you warmly to please scroll on down to the next post and be sure to fill in our poll. my publisher will be very, very grateful, and i’ll be ecstatic. :)

some of you may already be familiar with the delightful woman who blogs under the name “voodoo”. her blog, “notes from the voodoo cafe”, has a delightful following, and our voodoo doll, ricë (which, by the way, rhymes with “lisa”) has a positively delightful ability to turn any subject into an absolute delight to read about. i dare quiver with anticipation, should she ever decide to tackle the unbelievable world of particle physics.

but both miss voodoo’s contributions to particle science as well as my own efforts to solidify string theory through knitting (raise your hands and give a woohoo if you caught that rather terrible theoretical physics pun. you, my dear, are my kind of geek.) shall have to wait idle on the sidebars of our blogs. in the meantime, i have been inspired by her most recent post- the perfect notebook.

she continues to say that the perfect notebook would be a magic tome, with exactly the type of paper she desires at hand each time she opens the cover of her book. i find the idea of a notebook such as this wonder fairly intoxicating, but a bit unsuited to my needs. so today, inspired by the delightful ricë, i shall design my perfect and ideal notebook.

i knit obsessively, but not exclusively. i also sketch, write, sing, doodle, shorthand and dance poorly. these are all aspects of my life that end up being recorded in one facet or another, and my perfect notebook would have to reflect these needs. while i can totally get behind having a magic notebook that would offer up whatever paper type and weight my needs could ever require, i find that what my needs truly are revolve around organization rather than papers at hand. should i need a paper of any size or weight, those pieces can be obtained through other notebooks. my problem is remembering what the hell i sketched last, where i put the damn thing in the first place and keeping the many rotating books within reach. therefore, my perfect notebook is a magic blackberry. not the fruit! though i must admit that would likely be delicious. no, i meant the phone. or rather, the insane hand held moment of joy that is otherwise referred to as a mere “phone”. crackberry, ftw.

but i digress.

my magic blackberry would be a touch screen, with that crazy snap ability that the ipad offers. you know the one i mean- the one that changes the size of the documents you have on screen by doing that pinchy finger woosh? i want my magic blackberry to do that. i don’t mean that i want it to have the same type of software allowing me to do this to items on my screen- i mean i want my whole blackberry to do that. this way, with a happy pinchy finger woosh, i could make my blackberry the size of my couch, for those special moments in lace charting.

i want the software of my magic notebook to be able to handle all of my needs. stylus recognition is an absolute must, so that i can write by hand as i would in any regular notebook. i want software tools built into the program, like photoshop, so my stylus can write as any type of instrument i desire. i want paint brushes, stamps, watercolor paints, sharpie pens, fountain pens, my finger in sand… the works. i want it to be powerful enough to do everything my photoshop program can do (and more!) but with the ease of freedom a conventional notebook and pen offer. i want these programs to integrate a stylus driven animation function, as well, making my strange little stick figure people dance (poorly) across the screen or knit (well) the lace pattern i just finished charting.

the most important function of this magic notepad would have to be its search function. i need it to remind me, remember for me and be able to give me a graphic artistic accounting to answer verbal command questions such as “what the hell was i just doing?” and “did i ever have an idea to knit a powder blue queen anne chaise lounger with claw feet?” or, most importantly, “let’s replay that last phone call with my insurance company, but with wacky stick figures acting out all of the detailed instructions on how to resubmit a previous claim. you know… the ones i’ve already forgotten.”. i need a creative outlet that can keep me on target as well as in the clouds. i need my wondrous blackberry to be able to inspire me, as well as tell me if i’ve already had this particular inspiration- and why it failed before.

my journaling style is an eclectic blend of words, sketches, shorthand, number codes and other scribblings that make no comprehensive sanity to the untrained eye. i need to be able to keep this rather bizarre form of self communication pure, but with ease of integration into my online life. i want my blog posts, pictures, musings and poetry scraps (these latter usually end up bled out on bar napkins with suspiciously colored cup rings and business cards i don’t recall ever actually being handed) to be logged and filed to livejournal, blogger, twitter, flickr, ravelry, facebook or any other networking place i may choose. i want it to be able to handle my website needs and designs as well as my etsy shop needs, all while keeping track of my chicken scratch notes of what tasks i was supposed to have done three days ago.

oh. and i still want it to screen calls from telemarketers. after all, a blackberry is still “just a phone”. *snorts snobbery in a fit of laughter* mua ha ha. ha ha.

yes, the perfect notebook. as you can see, for me, it’s hardly a notebook at all, but rather a digital play land that understands my needs and takes care of my memory problems one challenge at a time- with stick figures and poor dancing. :)

so, my faithful few, what is your perfect notebook? is it actually a notebook at all? is it a digital world, or do you prefer the feel and texture of pulp under your fingertips? what would it do? how would it help you? and what, pray tell, would you put in it?


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