the fourth of july, now with extra sparkly bits.

we’ve less than a week before a final decision on my big surprise is made, and to celebrate the awesome things in life (and, of course, the birthday of america) we blew up the night with sparkly things. fireworks do indeed taste like happy. how about some photos!


yes, i know that this post is lacking in knitterly bits… and as it is indeed a knitting blog, i should have something to amend this post back into yarncentric places. which, my faithful few, is why i am featuring a special etsy knitting pattern today, filled with even more kaboomy joy.

if you click on the adorable explody guy above, the link will take you to cheezombie’s etsy shop, where you can purchase this bit of squee for only a dollar ninety nine. i love him. :) mad props to cheezombie for working up such a delight.

i hope that your fourth of july was safe, sparkly and filled with more black powder than you can shake a stick at. which, of course, negates the safety part… but what fun would that be??

happy knitting (and splody bits!)

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