a gaggle of bright gifts

we are closer than ever before to reaching a major milestone in my life as a knitter. this morning, my “patient and tolerant husband (patent pending)” and i mailed off every finished knit piece to a publishing board. i have spent just about every waking moment since the start of this year working towards this day, and after some extensive gift wrapping, my efforts and final chances to impress a board of craft publishers were mailed off to points west. i’m amused, to say the least, that i have what can only be described as “empty nest syndrome”. it’s like… hmm. well, now what?oob! and i have a picture to share with you! here are the seven presents that will be opened on july 9th. on the ninth, i’ll finally be able to fill in all the gaps i’ve been unable to do thus far, and i wish to take a moment and thank all of you for being patient with me. we’re almost there! in the meantime, here’s a funky picture of all of those brightly packaged items. :)

happy knitting!
tonks, the unhinged knitter

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