a laundry list of information for you, complete with photos.

oy, did i get sloppy! there are some promises that have to be kept, a slew of photos to share and a variety of updates to sort out. let’s just jump right in, shall we? what say you to chronological order?first, the star wars club event from a few weeks ago went wonderfully. the wookiee costume was completed on time, and came out fantastic! rave reviews, to say the least. (okee… fine… truth be told, there was the one guy who was all indigent about the pink wookiee. here’s how that went down:

him: “wookiee’s aren’t pink.” (said with a complete look of disgust.)
me: “hmm. i dunno. have you ever actually met a wookiee before?”
him: “are you serious? wookiees aren’t real!”
me: “then how do you know they aren’t pink??”
aaannnnd… silence from his end of the pool. he stomped off in a bit of a huff. *giggles*

anyhoo, here’s my favorite shot from the club. this is my friend, virginia. isn’t she beautiful? she’s also hilarious, and has a wonderful sense of whimsy- a quality i value greatly. at the time my hubby snapped this shot, she was totally unawares of the wookiee lurking just behind her…

next up is the knit gas mask. yup- a knit gas mask. i know i haven’t really mentioned it anywhere in my professional life, but i really should as it came out FANTASTIC. i was inspired by an old post on crafster and decided to make my own. there’s not pattern, so i just kinda went with my gut and applied some different techniques to it to make it better suited for my needs. what could my needs possibly be, you may ask? i mean… who really needs a knit gas mask. well, if you had to ask the question, you should already know that my answer would be “EVERYONE!!” mine’s pink. with crazy adorable little pink hearts. we also refurbished an old snorkel mask with a sharpie pen and some car window tint. :)


next on the list of news is a publication event. on july 13, the fall of 2010 issue of “knit simple” will hit the stands. my take on knitting for mental health, complete with a brief history of my own journey, will be printed as a full page layout! i’m so excited! i can’t wait to see it. *squee*

now, i know that the last bit of news doesn’t seem chronological given the date of the publication above, but i promise the knowledge of the events fits our set timeline.

you know that epic, enormous, holy shit news i’ve been cruelly dangling in front of you? the one i want to tell you and can’t? it’s almost here. a final decision will be made on july the ninth, and as soon as i’m informed of a decision, you will all be told and it will become an official announcement.

soon, my darling knitter freaks.  sooner now than ever.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just learned about your blog from the knit simple magazine. By the way, love your hair.

  2. why, thank you! i hope you decide to stick around with us for a while. :) by the by, how did you come across the knit simple magazine article? i was under the impression that it was not launching until mid july!


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