in the blue ridge mountains

tonks is taking a much needed vacation. :) for the past week, i have been in the blue ridge mountains, enjoying little outside of a lovely view, a giant whirlpool bathtub and knitting, knitting, knitting! i am here for one more week, and i expect it will (hopefully) be much of the same.

i received some excellent news shortly before coming here. the big secret i’m sitting on has moved forward, over the largest hurdle. it won’t be long now, and i promise i’ll let you all in just as soon as i can. the time is closer than ever before! (i know… i’m such a stinker. but we’re almost there, i swear!)

in the meantime, let me offer you some photos of what i’ve seen here at the resort. one afternoon, a pair of deer came right below our balcony. isn’t she lovely?

we’ve had a variety of other visitors, too. there have been bunnies, groundhogs, other deer (aside from the white tail doe pictured here) and one rather daring bat that actually flew into my face two nights ago. no worries… we’re both fine, but woah. just… woah. bat attack.

there have been a string of storms over the last several days. the clouds cut around the mountain, so i get all of the thunder and lightning with little of the rain. it’s GORGEOUS.

oooooh! a rainbow!

the look like big… strong hands… don’t they…

into the forest

i’ll check in again soon, my faithful few. in the meantime, i’ll be here on the mountain, soaking up the storms and recharging for the upcoming seasons.

happy knitting!

the unhinged knitter
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