akuma the wonder pug, and how he’s been taking advantage of mum.

i know i’ve been a bit quiet for that past week or so. sadly, i have no real amount of knitting to show for my time, as i have been recovering from that wrist injury. :( but, the good news is that it’s almost fully healed now! what’s even better, is that the adorable mini balls of yarn i mentioned in my previous post have arrived, safe and sound. they are absolutely delightful. i’m excited to try them out, and think i may give that a shot this evening. i wish to get my knitting grove back as soon as possible, and can think of no better way to get back into the fold than by casting on for a bright yellow and green sock.other areas of my knitcentric world are creeping forward as well. we still do not have a final answer on that big surprise i’ve been sitting on, but i can say that it is moving slowly forward with positive results. slow and steady may be difficult, but at least we are moving forward!

it’s been a difficult few weeks here, but no less amusing due to the many animals we have in our home. they have been taking advantage of the fact that i’m short my good arm, causing all kinds of trouble. please allow me to introduce you to one of them:

this is “akuma”, or as we often call him, “mr. puggums”. he’s a four year old purebred pug who is a bit of a runt. he’s sweet, affectionate and- god love him- as dumb as a post. it’s a part of his charm.

now, normally, this little muncher is a goofy, well-meaning angel. sure, he’s a bit of a prankster, but he doesn’t behave poorly, such as trying to eat the cat’s food on a regular basis, drinking out of the toilet or getting into the garbage. but, now that mum’s short a wing, he has been acting the fool for weeks. he’s running all over the house, climbing over me like i’m some sort of puggy jungle gym and has knocked over the trash can at least three times. one could probably argue that he’s upset as he knows that the routine in the house has changed due to my injury (pugs are dogs that NEED routine, and when it changes, all hell breaks loose) but deep down i think he’s just having fun while he knows i will have more trouble catching him. the little stinker. 😉

more to come!


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