the new summer line!

after much testing, the summer knits are ready to start rolling down the line to our etsy shop. the knits for this season are fingerless gloves, designed to match some of our most popular designs from the norwegian mitten line. stay tuned for more, but here’s the first of the summer knit patterns!

the fingerless glove pattern comes with two optional styles for the fingers. one is a ribbed bar across the top of the hand, and the other features individual half fingers. the glove shown here is a template pattern, used to test and retest the function of the pattern itself, and this base pattern will work with all of the charts we’ll have available- just as with the norwegian winter mittens.

so stay tuned to the shop (or here on the blog, or on our facebook page) as we begin the release of our summer line! all of the video game geek, artistic recreation and grammar nazi love will now be available a lightweight, fingerless glove. :)

happy knitting!


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