the summer knit line, pollen and a facebook contest.

easter has come and gone, and spring/summer is in full swing here in the d.c. area. sure, it’s not officially summer until the middle of june, but when the temperature outside is pushing ninety, it’s summer. however, when the earth is coated in a green, shifting funk of the sentient moss that is the east coast pollen… uugh. that’s spring. perhaps we shall just call it sprunger.

i miss the colder months already. but i digress.

in an effort to avoid the heat and the pollen, i’m staying deep within the confines of my refrigerated house and knitting away, testing a new pattern. it’s in the lineup for our summer knits, soon to be released to the etsy shop! keep posted for them… as soon as i know that the pattern is knitworthy and sound, it will be launched. i hope to have that up very soon… by the end of the weekend at the very latest!

also, there is a facebook contest on the fan page! go on over to the sidebar and click the facebook link if you wish to participate in a bit of trivia. the prize will be a free single pattern of your choosing from my etsy shop.

with all of the updates out of the way, i can get down to business. i’m quite excited about the summer pattern line, and i hope you will like them, too! i’m off to test the pattern for it’s final cycle before launch! pics to follow!

happy knitting!

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