high fever brings inspiration. news at eleven.

i fell very, very ill this morning and slept through most of the day. i’ve only just now woken up, and i fear that my head cold may have screwed my knitting schedule. because i spent the day in bed, i didn’t knit a stitch today! i’ll catch up tomorrow, though, provided i can shake this fever.

they talk about the knitting fever, but have you ever noticed how much fun an actual fever can be, if you’re not too miserable when you have it? if you’re safe in bed when your fever is at it’s worst, the colors can be rather inspiring. i keep a journal by my bedside, and late this afternoon when my own fever was at it’s height (around 102) i apparently rolled over and sketched out a color design for dyeing wool. i can remember writing notes about how i wanted the colors in the dye job to flow from one to the next, but when i looked when i woke up just recently, what i had written was not understandable. not even a little bit.

perhaps i must wait for the next fever wave to hit and try to catch this bizarre journal entry before the fever spikes back up to “fried egg on a stupid brain” again. i’ll let you know if i’m able to figure out what the hell i wrote about. :)


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