fever (round 2) and movin’ down the line

today my head cold got much, much worse. i’ve spent much of the day in bed, but i did want to get up long enough to share a few things with you. first of all, i was able to completely shatter one of the clay pots i was working on. oy. not my finest moment. i sneezed, and crushed the not quite dry piece in my hands. the good news is i can remake it. the bad news is that the clay is not salvageable.

the other piece of news i have is about that big secret i’m still forced to sit on. today i received word that i’ve been transfered to a different department, and the woman in charge of that department is very interested in my ideas. this may mean approval, or possibly even working in tandem with the (now) two companies. this could be glorious news, and may get us well on our way to making this secret dream a reality! hopefully i will be able to tell you all exactly what is going on soon. sadly, until we are able to iron out a few more details, i’m not able to talk about it. i swear i’m not just stringing you along. one way or another, you will hear all about this. :)


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