where on earth did all of these books come from??

hello, my faithful few!

it’s raining here in my little corner of the universe, but the mailman braved the storms enough to deliver me box from my local library, containing a variety of books on disk for me to enjoy while i knit. i love to listen to audio books when i knit! i find it’s a wonderful way to enjoy more than one art form at a time, and as such, i order books from my library with some regularity. the problem with this is that i often forget i’d already ordered a new batch of books, and end up with several books at once and no hope of being able to complete them before they are due back. last week i got a shipment of nine (nine!!!) books on disk. after a minor panic, i began to tear into them just as quick as i could, making a bit of a game out of it. my husband and i have placed bets as to see if i’ll finish before they are due back. i took the “oh hell, no!” slot, if anyone is curious. :)

well, the online catalog for the library has a great feature where you can order books that are not currently available for check out, and they will be shipped to you automatically when they are in. so on this rainy day, the mailman brought another box, filled with even more audio books. six more, to be exact. that’s 15 book on disk that i have in this house. i have no chance of making it through them all, but hey… maybe i’ll get lucky and nobody will request them for a few months! i suppose anything is possible, right? *headdesk*

note to self- do not put any more books on hold, no matter how backlogged they seem. not until these fifteen books are out of your living room.

it’s a comedy of errors, sure, but i hope that i can learn something from this and keep better track of what i’ve got coming from the library. i’d say that i’m hopeful about learning from this experience, but i know better. :) as do we all.

much love and happy knitting,

the unhinged knitter

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