The Overwhelming Nature of Social Networking, or “I Have How Many Irons in the Fire?”

Facebook and Blogger and Twitter, oh, my! Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed by the amount of social networking involved on being an “online knitter”. It’s no secret what the internet has done for knitting. Ravelry started a revolution of information and access to patterns, yarns and other knitters. Places like Etsy brought knitting designers to the fingertips of any knitter worldwide, and places like Facebook and Twitter brought bite sized accessibility to even the most time crunched of us all.

Yet, we can often be left feeling too spread out. There are “all in one” tools that allow for ease of access between many of the major sites, and yet I still often find myself wondering if I’ve forgotten something, not posted somewhere or if there was something else I could have done. I long for the day where I find my social networking niche in the internet.

The website’s last minute tweaks are on hold until I can get a full version of Expressions Web. The site is up and running properly, but there are a few final touches that I hope to go back through and edit. The trial version of the web program was delightful, and I look forward to purchasing the full version. Then I can host this new blog properly, with Unhinged Knitter dot com fully functional, complete with RSS feeds so you may follow along from wherever you may choose.

I hope that this blog will serve as a hub for all of my patterns, upcoming projects, works on the needles and (crosses her fingers) other published works. There are links over in the sidebar, and I can’t wait to watch them grow!

One of the newest changes is the “Books” tab over in that sidebar. Right now, there are two books available for purchase. The haiku book is the most recent edition to the group, and I just got the final proof for it in the mail the other day! I’m thinking of ways to pimp out that book, and will be contacting a variety of local knitting shops to see if they will be interested in carrying it.

In other online news, My husband (12) and I are working towards starting a non-profit org out of our home. It’s only in the beginning stages, and may take longer than we had first thought, what with the recent bout of good news. (I know I keep teasing you with that! I promise, I will give a very full accounting of the last month’s work just as soon as I can! It will be worth the wait!!) Soon, though, we will be ready to open the doors to a small non-profit geared towards raising awareness for and helping groups of knitters looking to bring their love of fiber to those coping with mental disorders. I was, until the trial of my web program ran out, working on a template site for it. If you’re curious as to what’s happening with that, you can see the scratch run of the site here. Please remember that this is a temporary hosting site, and that this site is subject to spelling errors, grammar errors and other unrefined bits of the internet. I was in a race to finish something conceptual before my trial ran out. :) however, it does do a decent job of explaining what the non-profit will be about, and that’s always a good thing.

For now, 12 and I anxiously await the news of moving forward on a variety of projects, including the non-profit, our hopes of opening a yarn shop and other online knitterly endeavors. Until later!


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