A New Look

Welcome, my faithful few, to the very first post of our new blog! We had an excellent run over on Livejournal, but it was time to move forward with something a bit more powerful. I’m happy to announce the arrival of the first in our transitions- the general knitting blog! Soon we’ll be adding the other knitterly blogs as well. I will also update this blog to be updated while on the go, including constant links to Twitter and Facebook while I’m on the go to new shops in the area. The old Livejournal blog will be doubled to mirror the posts here in the new blog for a few weeks before we archive the old blog completely.
Another of my favorite new features is the Add Me link below, at the bottom of each blog post. Now you can easily add and share the posts anywhere you wish! Huzzah!

There are so many new changes coming and this blog transfer being only one of them. I can’t wait to be in a position to tell you all about the new happenings in the world of The Unhinged Knitter!
More soon, my yarncentric lovies.


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